Advanced Engineering has been one of UQM’s strong suits since the 1970 ’s. The UQM engineering team has brought this experience to industry leading projects- land, air and sea.


The fastest electric airplane in the world.

  • The most powerful electric plane and the first to break the 200 MPH barrier.
  • Achieved and held 200 MPH for more than 15 seconds.
  • Yates also won the respected Luis Bleriot awards as well as set air speed and climb world records with the UQM propulsion system.
  • Yates lectures all over the world on the achievements made possible through his advanced engineering collaborations with UQM.

Click here to see Yates video

  • Banner Image: Zunum Electric Plane powered by UQM (As seen in Charged Magazine August 2017)


Accionia 2015 Dakar Rally Car powered by UQM

UQM provides the durability and performance needed for some of the most demanding vehicle tests on the planet.

  • The rigorous Pike’s Peak Challenge, won by a UQM powered superbike in 2011.
  • The 2015 DAKAR Rally considered the most rigorous race on the planet.
  • Kleenspeed race cars and other high end sports cars including the eRuf Porche among others, UQM has set the bar for high performance electric drive systems.


UQM has worked with a variety of customers on truly unique vehicles ranging from remote controlled public works vehicles to high performance race cars.

  • The DANNAR Mobile Power Station® (MPS) is a revolutionary, multi-purpose vehicle, the first in a “new” class of electric work machines.
  • The MPS utilizes UQM’s HD e-drive system.
  • The MPS provides powerful versatility to work year round in all areas of rapid response to emergency and disaster response situations, infrastructure maintenance, and supplemental off-grid power when needed.

Dannar Mobile Power Station powered by UQM (Image MPS Web 2017)

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