UQM PowerPhase technology can be used in a wide array of clean energy applications.


UQM engineered the PowerPhase® systems to perform as both motor and generator in applications ranging from heavy-duty diesel engines to low-power gasoline engines. With appropriate energy storage, these systems can also operate as engine starters. Utilizing software developed to operate in all four quadrants, our engineering team will work with you through the mechanical and electrical integration.

PowerPhase® Generator Features:

  • User selectable torque and speed control
  • Liquid cooled (50/50 water/glycol liquid cooling)
  • Built-in safety features
  • Application-friendly graphical user interface
  • Diagnostic software with real time data logging


UQM PowerPhase® systems have been integrated into high efficiency flywheel energy storage systems intended to solve the market demand for peak shaving, load balancing and off-grid energy storage applications. The technology is ideal for grid tied applications as well as balancing the intermittency of renewable energy sources.

Powered by UQM, the mechanical storage system transforms electrical energy into kinetic energy by rotating mass at a very high speed and storing the energy until needed.The technology is low maintenance and allows for scalability with multiple installations. The flywheel responds quickly to produce energy. The total ownership cost for flywheel technology is low, with overall efficiency of more than 85% and a 20+ years life span the technology is enticing when compared to lithium battery energy storage.

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