UQM has gained considerable EV Systems design experience over the years, enabling customers to use UQM experience and superior electric drive efficiency to unlock cost saving potential for our customers.

  • Our Proven technology has been refined over many years and dozens of vehicle applications, making our technology the most robust, low cost and high performance available.
  • UQM Proprietary motor control software unlocks more Power and Efficiency than standard motor control algorithms.
  • The UQM technology provides the highest power and torque density while reducing the amount of active materials such as magnet and copper leading to the highest Cost Saving potential.

Proven Technology

  • Has achieved commercialization and supplied to global customers
  • Propulsion systems have powered commercial and passenger vehicles worldwide
  • Patents on motors, controllers and control algorithms developed over decades in the industry
  • Motors with high operating efficiency enable longer vehicle range
  • Delivers high efficiency at a wide speed range - suits the different operational requirements by vehicle manufacturers
  • Provides integrated systems including motors, controllers and software

UQM has achieved commercialization of our base technology and supplied to global customers with product deployed and proven in many different applications. UQM products are developed through the rigorous IATF16949 quality certified product development system, ensuring quality, specification compliance and safety. Every system is design validated and production validated through a rigorous battery of validation tests to applicable industry standards, including shock, vibration, thermal cycling and most other common environmental tests. In addition, most systems are qualified to an IP67 standard. UQM systems have achieved more than 2 million miles in the Proterra bus application alone and have been in propelling hybrid busses downtown Denver for 10 years.

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The UQM PowerPhase® technology is mature, in use as propulsion systems that power commercial and passenger vehicles worldwide. The underlying technology is highly cost-effective and designed to be manufacturing friendly, using standard production processes. UQM’s technology has the ability to achieve the highest power density in the industry, which leads to low cost due to the use of less active materials needed to achieve a given power or torque requirement. These two attributes: manufacturability and high torque density, lead to the lowest cost, given equal performance requirements and production volumes. (See Motor Technology for more on Power Density)

Our electric drive system technology is enabled by key IP, including 15 patents on motors, controllers and control algorithms developed over 40 years in the industry. UQM currently owns all of our accumulated IP and will entertain licensing for certain market segments. (Contact Sales for more information regarding IP and technology licensing).

Superior Efficiency

UQM Electric Drive Systems with high operating efficiency enable longer vehicle range, or alternatively reduced battery pack capacity, leading to lower overall vehicle cost. UQM achieves superior Electric Drive System efficiency with optimized, proprietary magnetic circuits in the motor and proprietary software control algorithms in the controller to extract the most power with the least loss. This leads to extremely high efficiency over a very wide speed and power range. All of our efficiency curves are published based on actual test data (not calculations), taken from calibrated dynamometers certified by TUV for ECE R85 testing. In addition, all of our efficiency curves are provided at the system level (DC into the controller to the mechanical shaft output).

An efficiency map from a typical UQM system is shown to the left. For efficiency maps of specific UQM systems contact UQM Sales.

Cost Saving Potential

  • UQM systems allow the use of significantly less batteries due to high system efficiency. In turn, high-efficiency systems reduce battery content and lower cost (Batteries represent 50%-70% of an electric vehicles’ cost).
  • UQM’s products unlock cost saving potential for EV makers who lose efficiency by pairing dissimilar motors and controllers that are not optimized to each other.
  • UQM also maintains industry leading proprietary motor control software developed through numerous vehicles, incorporating invaluable cumulative experience.

Integrated Hardware

Packaging Integrated Components

  • Integrated hybrid-electric
  • Integrated motor/controllers
  • Integrated with gear train
  • Integrated with 3rd party components

Generator Coupling to ICE

  • UQM machines perform excellent as Generators
  • Engine Generators (range extenders for plug-in vehicles and series hybrids)
  • Stationary power generation

Generator Systems Experience

  • UQM machines perform excellent as Generators
  • Engine generators (range extenders for plug-in vehicles, series hybrids)
  • Stationary power generation

Integrated Systems Design Experience

  • Integrated hybrid-electric
  • Integrated motor/controllers
  • Integrated with gear train
  • Selection of 3rd party components

Customized Solutions

With our team of experts, UQM can work with you to create an electric propu lsion and generation solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. If you wi sh to introduce a completely new design, UQM can put our experience and expertise to work for you. Regardless of the project, our main objective will never change - We will provide you with the most power- dense, high-efficiency electric motors and power electronic controllers for your application.

(See Services section for more information.)

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