UQM sets itself apart from the competition by creating turn-key motor and controller systems for hybrid, fuel cell, electric vehicles and a variety of other applications. The UQM Technology is known throughout the world for superior performance, efficiency, and ease of use.

UQM System = Motor + Controller + Control Software

Delivering the Heart of the EV

PowerPhase® Systems

Motor Technology

UQM’s proprietary PowerPhase® motor technology has been specifically developed to deliver high levels of torque efficiently at a wide range of rotational speeds, transitioning from high torque to a relatively constant power curve as the rotational speed increases.

UQM PowerPhase® motors have high operating efficiencies and high power density, achieving smaller external dimensions and lower weight than competing products. The design features inherent to the electric machine contribute to lower usage of copper, electrical steel, rare earth and other materials, reducing manufacturing costs compared to other motors of similar power levels.

These attributes have allowed us to price our advanced motors competitively while providing better performance relative to conventional motors, which we believe will accelerate the rate of commercialization of our technology.

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Our PowerPhase® motor technology is based on an advanced Surface Permanent Magnet (SPM) configuration that has been refined and perfected over decades of motor development.

UQM’s PowerPhase®Pro systems have been optimized and qualified for use in automotive passenger vehicles as well the medium-duty commercial market. UQM also maintains an advanced IPM motor technology that has the ability to go further in torque and power density. This proprietary IPM motor technology increases the balance of electromagnetic performance and mechanical strength in the rotor, leading to superior performance density or higher speed capability. UQM is currently offering our IPM technology in custom motors tailored to a specific applications. (Contact UQM Sales for more on the advantages of our advanced IPM motor topology).

Inventer/Controller Electronics

Attributes of UQM Technologies DSP-based digital power electronic controllers include high power operation (up to 650 amps and 700 volts), based on industry leading and internally qualified power electronic components. Our robust internal circuitry offers features such as four-quadrant control (forward/reverse and motoring/generating). reduced switching losses, reliable power supplies, current and temperature limits, and controller area network (CAN) capability. UQM inverter technology has been qualified through rigorous testing to all the standard DV tests as well as more rigorous shock and vibration than what is normally required. As a result, UQM PowerPhase® controllers have very high reliability. In addition, UQM inverters include standard safety and vehicle compatibility features that have been developed through our experience with several dozen vehicle applications.

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UQM controllers have been designed to maximize vehicle compatibility, safety and reliability for just about any vehicle platform. UQM electronics design team has the experience and capability to produce customized controllers for targeted applications. Our design team has wide experience with controller applications and having expertise in the following areas:

  • Controller/inverter product development experience from 746 Watts to 250kW
    • From 24V to 800V
    • From 200 to 120,000 RPM
    • From 30 amps to 1000 Amps
    • Commutation frequencies up to 2,000Hz
  • Analog controls, and Digital controls
  • Variable PWM
  • Analog inputs or CAN inputs
  • FET’s or IGBT’s
  • Silicon Carbide for Advanced Engineering Programs
  • Highly robust and cost effective driver circuits
  • Digital rotor position feedback, resolver feedback, or sensor-less
  • 4 quadrant control, dual quadrant or single quadrant
  • Speed control, torque control, or voltage control
  • Liquid cooling and air cooling
  • Power supplies and DC-DC converters
  • SPM or IPM motor control

Our strategy for vehicle applications involves creating quick to market, semi-customized solutions for each vehicle platform. Each application would include our base components of power module, driver circuits, cooling design, processor and embedded software (see software section). The external housing would be customized to fit the packaging and interface requirements of the specific application. Other optional hardware would be available as needed. Some of many options include internal DC-DC converters, additional safety features and increased internal capacitance. Based on this strategy UQM can produce automotive inverter/controllers in a package size as small as 3 liters for a 100 kW system.

Advanced Control Software

Software control algorithms are an important part of the UQM intellectual property portfolio. One aspect of the software is a patented method of control referred to as Phase Timing Advancement that enables UQM PowerPhase® motors to deliver both high output torque at low operating speeds and high power at increased operating speeds. We have extended the capability of Phase Advance Control by using Adaptive Control techniques. These proprietary software algorithms alter the commutation strategy as a function of DC voltage, operating speed, output power and temperature to optimize system performance under dynamically changing conditions. The result is maximized output and efficiency that decreases fuel consumption in hybrid electric vehicles and increases the range of battery electric vehicles.

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Some highlights of the UQM embedded motor control software include:

  • Proprietary Commutation Algorithms for increased Power and Efficiency
  • High degree of compatibility with vehicle systems, vetted through many different applications
  • UQM diagnostics and software features allow for rapid deployment, time-to-market
  • Advanced safety features
  • Highly configurable to different vehicle requirements
  • CAN based I/O, etc.
  • Features and software maturity developed over decades, incorporating lessons learned and industry trade secrets
  • True Stall capability allows better performance and hill hold capability
  • Standard feature Error checking and customized diagnostics
  • Torque Control, Speed Control and Voltage control modes that can be selected for switched on the fly for shift synchronization and other advanced functions

Though the UQM motor control software solutions offers many advantages, perhaps our biggest advantage is the ability of the proprietary commutation algorithm to extract more power and efficiency from the system. Our commutation algorithm will produce higher power and efficiency from a given motor relative to conventional control techniques as shown in the chart below. This, of course, leads to the ability to downsize the motor (Further cost savings) and reduce battery capacity (even more cost savings).

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